Boot Camps
A challenging, high intensity full-body conditioning workout that helps with overall improvement of cardiovascular health and performance.
Open Gym
Throw some weights around during our open gym hours. Our facility is at your fingertips.
Fitness Workshops
Areas of focus will help you best teach efficient movement and build expertise in correct posture, and improving speed, motor skills, agility, power and reactivity.
Personal Training
Build a custom workout regime tailored to your needs. Sit down with one of our knowledgeable and friendly trainers, and they’ll help you bridge your goals to reality.
Triathlon Training Programs
We develop season- and race-specific training programs to help prepare you for your next race!
Nutritional Counseling
We offer personalized nutritional counseling to help you reach your fitness needs.

NonameFIT Studios is a community oriented fitness training facility in East Downtown (EaDO) Houston, Texas, and was founded by two Ironman triathletes with a common desire to share their take on integrating health and fitness into a daily lifestyle. Their motto, Endure the Suck, reinforces the process of building positive habits and resiliency by pushing through in the face of the most daunting challenges between you and your goals.

Through our group fitness classes, open gym facility, and on-site fitness clinics, our studio is ground zero for a healthier lifestyle and a spring board to accomplishing your fitness goals.We hope you’ll allow us to show you that we’re more than just a gym that offers engaging fitness classes, but also a gathering of positive individuals who strive to inspire and be inspired to reach new personal bests! Come unleash your potential!



Co-Founder instagram_icon

My journey into the world of fitness started at a fairly young age.  Swimming lessons at the tender age of 5 didn’t go so well.  I remember vividly the swim instructor requesting I swim a little ways toward her.  As I gauged the distance between myself and her, I thought to myself, I can do this, this isn’t that far, and with that self-encouragement I was off.  Getting closer and closer, I swam to a point and thought to myself why is this taking so long?  It wasn’t until I swam nearly double the distance I originally calculated that I noticed she was moving backwards as I progressed forward!  I remember feeling bamboozled and furious, vowing never to attend a swim lesson again. But luckily that feeling didn’t last.  I grew to love taking on new challenges. I had hobbies covering all forms of exercise.  From street hockey to basketball, I noticed early on I was self-motivated and competitive.  As I entered the world of endurance sports, I took previous lessons and applied them toward whatever discipline I was crafting.  My outlook on fitness encompasses three main ideas: Setting goals, being comfortable with yourself, and always striving to find new limits.  I gravitate towards helping others see what I saw in myself– that anything is possible with the right push.


Co-Founder instagram_icon

My greatest accomplishment came at age 5.  I had finally tired my dad from chasing me around the house trying to spank my butt… The next day I was chasing a soccer ball and before you know it, I was playing soccer at the Air Force Academy.  I grew up playing soccer, but I was also active in other forms of exercise.  It wasn’t until a few years ago training with Eric for Ironman Texas was I actually able to piece this idea of “BEING FIT” all together.  Fitness is not about competing against the person next to us; it’s about beating the limits we set on ourselves.  And that is how I approach my training and hope to share with others, “Celebration of life over limitations.”


Instructor instagram_icon

Growing up I played sports, but I was definitely the "artsy fartsy" kid...danced, cheered, played piano, violin, sang, musicals and art.  My love for fitness really started in 2009 and it's never stopped. I think it was a surprise to everyone when I got so involved. However, it was no surprise when it came to helping other people reach goals. I've always had a passion of helping people and watching them succeed. Being part of someone achieving their goals and surprise themselves is what I love most about teaching classes.


Run Club Lead instagram_icon

Growing up, I was never involved in formal sports. It wasn't until after I graduated from college and I moved from city to city that I developed a love for running. I'd explore the unfamiliar streets around me discovering all the wonders the city had to offer. I eventually moved to Chicago, as it so happens, the night before the Chicago Marathon. The energy of Chicago and all its runners inspired me to pursue distance running and racing. I joined Nike Run Club Chicago where I learned what it was to be part of a running community. Through Nike Run Club I met the Go City Runners, a crew of runners "rooted in the discovery of places, people, art, and culture through running," and by being a part of the Go City Runners, I became a member of a running family with ties around the world. With over 30 races finished including 5 marathons and one 50k ultra-trail, it's the runs done without a bib number pinned to my shirt that matter most. The places I've seen and the people who have shared the miles and their stories with me, these are the reasons why I love running and that will keep me running. I hope to inspire a lifelong love for running here in my hometown, Houston.


Instructor instagram_icon

Caitlin is originally from New Jersey and moved to Texas two years ago to pursue a job working at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center in cancer research. She is a certified personal trainer through the National Strength & Conditioning Assoc. An East coast girl, she attended Washington College in Maryland to pursue her bachelor’s in Biology. At Washington College, she competed in both women’s varsity basketball and rowing for the Shorewomen. Athletics have always been a huge part of her life. Some of her favorite athletic memories include winning the NJ State High School Basketball Championship and the MARC Conference Rowing Championship her senior year of college. She has overcome incredible adversity throughout her athletic career after two knee (ACL) surgeries, but has inspired many with her return and dedication to athletics. To ease the pain of missing collegiate athletics, she is constantly training in the gym in addition to running half marathons and obstacle races such as the Tough Mudder. Caitlin also enjoys going to a variety of yoga classes and participating in anything competitive or team oriented.  She enjoys helping people push beyond their fitness goals through high-intensity workouts, while building core and body weight strength, promoting healthy eating, and participation in sports to achieve an overall active lifestyle.


Open Gym

Open Gym

Open Gym

Skip the rush hour traffic. Come as you are. Lift heavy. Slam weights. Make noise. Have fun! Olympic and powerlifting lifting friendly. With eight squat stations, bumper plates, kettle bells and more.

4 Classes

($13.75 Per Class)

4 Classes Per Month

This is tailored for the weekend warrior and the individual who travels a good majority of the month and simply can’t make it to more classes. Also great for those easing into a fitness program. Includes Open Gym Access

8 Classes

($10.62 Per Class)

8 Classes Per Month

Great for those easing into a fitness program! This package is a sensible investment before taking up bigger goals and commitments! This package includes access to all group classes and Open Gym at nonameFit Studios.

12 Classes

($9.16 Per Class)

12 Classes Per Month

Great plan to complement any fitness regime. Perfect for those who want to turn up the frequency! This package is a healthy investment at great value. Includes access to all group classes and Open Gym at nonameFit Studios.

Unlimited Classes

($5.62 Per Class)

Unlimited Classes

Best value! Unlimited visits and group classes. This package is for those who want to reach the next level in their fitness and truly want to endure the suck! Includes complete access to all group classes at nonameFit Studios.

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